Sustainable Agriculture, Water & Intelligent Ecosystem

Crop Monitoring
Sawie provide crop monitoring and yield estimation data by processing of high resolution satellite images.  The entire framework consists of a geo Web portal with spatial data retrieval and analysis functionalities.
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Crop Advisory
Sawie is a Farmer's Customized Advisory Tool. Every Farmer gets a dashboard to add and manage farms, crops, get weather updates, news & alerts, real-time satellite data, soil mapping, and more.
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Risk Management
Sawie risk management ensures smart decisions based on temporal remotely sensed images and up to date surface parameters.
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Soil monitoring
Sawie soil monitoring make use of infield sensors to digitally map the soil conditions and pattern of fields.
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About SAWiE

SAWIE is a platform that provides a distributed network of agricultural monitoring in Pakistan. Our system combines geospatial data with the power of machine learning and IOT to provide smart and sustainable solutions to farmers.

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Transforming food and agriculture

We aim to support Rural-Pakistan through innovation boosting the agricultural production as a result. We provide feasible solutions on food, agriculture and natural resources using latest and effective management and technology.

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy for developing countries. There exists potentials for improvement and sustainable growth opportunities. Sawie aims to provide solution that makes difference to the life of an individual. We are working to provide you best of agriculture advisory and knowledge by use of latest technology.

SAWiE News

SAWiE Launch Press Releases
15 October 2021
H.E President Dr. Arif Alvi officially inaugurated the state of the art SAWiE digital agriculture platform....
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SAWiE Official Launch on World Food Day
15 October 2021
A great moment to celebrate world food day with the theme of our actions our future to end hunger. The...
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SAWiE knocking at Policy Corridors
15 October 2021
World Food Day and SAWiE Innaugration.H.E President Dr. Arif Alvi officially inaugurated the state-of-the-art...
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SAWiE Offers

Sawie offers an unbiased & neutral Farm advisory based on the scientific facts, proven good practices and data driven approaches.  Our products and services are capable to provide support to smallholder farmers in developing countries to address climate change crisis. Our smart solutions offer crops mapping and variable inputs applications to large farms deploying precision agriculture.

Sawie aims to provide real-time, accurate, reliable, and effective information to farmers at just the tip of their fingers. Sawie products fits well to address the climate change crisis to develop a resilient food system.

Soil Moisture and Soil Structure

Sawie offers a soil mapping solutions using satellite data and other open-source data sets from FAO, national and provincial governments, etc.

Optimum Sowing Time

Sawie machine learning algorithms are capable to predict optimum sowing dates based on the last 30 years of weather data and 20 days forecast of a specific location based on solar radiation, soil moisture, and soil structure. 

Seeds & Fertilizers Advisory

Sawie provides information about best-suited crops, varieties, and fertilizers as per the needs of a specific farm in a location and agroclimatic region.

Irrigation Scheduling

Sawie provides information on irrigation scheduling to reduce water losses and the cost of unnecessary irrigations. It will issue warnings of any potential risk of droughts and flooding.

Harvesting Time

Sawie is using machine learning approaches to predict harvesting dates to minimize the risk of rains and flooding.

Early Yield Estimate

Sawie provides early yield estimates that allow farmers to make harvesting and selling decisions. This information is also helpful for supply chain companies to prepare their purchasing plans.

Disease & Pest Alerts

Sawie offers an early warning system about potential pests, diseases, and insects. Farmers can identify the challenge early on and take precautionary or control measures

Gain Better Yield

Sawie helps farmers to manage their crop harvest through getting early yield estimates and plan harvesting operations.

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Honestly , Sustainable Agriculture, Water and Intellegent Ecosystem (SAWIE) could be a game changer for a paradigm shift from existing No-Tech to Hi- Tech Climate resilient Agriculture . It's indeed a new opening providing an ample opportunity for Agricultural Engineers to promote such innovative and promising technologies.

Eng. Mustaq Gill (Tamgha Imtiaz)
Ex DG, On Farm Water Management Punjab

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Pakistan Office: SAWIE Systems PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan