SAWIE-Climate Smart Agriculture Innovation Awards 2023

Pakistan is the fifth most affected country in the world by environmental and climatic changes. These changes have a negative influence on agricultural as well as human health. SAWIE, like a rock, addresses the negative consequences of climate change on Pakistani agriculture. SAWIE is a one-of-a-kind modern agriculture organization that assists farmers in dealing with climate change, managing food shortages, assuring optimal water utilization, and promoting modern agriculture.

In conjunction with governmental and private organizations, SAWIE assists farmers by providing fertilizers, seeds, agricultural pesticides, sophisticated machinery, agricultural loans, and guidance to satisfy all their needs. SAWIE’s critical tasks include mitigating the negative effects of environmental and climatic changes on agriculture, increasing crop yields using modern agricultural technologies, and enhancing farmer income. Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture is essential for this aim.

On National Farmers’ Day, SAWIE announced the nomination of 15 industrious farmers from throughout Pakistan for the “SAWIE-Environment Friendly Agriculture Award 2023”. These farmers who have embraced sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture include Sarah Babar (Vegetables-Chakwal), Rabia Sultan (Cotton-Kot Addu), Dr. Abul Fazal Zaidi (Rice-Sheikhupura), Sultan Ahmed Bhatti (Wheat-Sukkur), Sardar Babar Fareed (Maize-Jaranwala), Tariq Mahmood Lodhran (Cotton-Layyah), Chaudhry Riaz Ahmed (Potatoes-Gujranwala), Salahuddin Khan (Olives-Kohat), Abdul Jabbar Khan (Cotton-Loralai), Chaudhry M. Maqsood (Potatoes-Okara), Muhammad Hayat Khan (Cotton-Khuzdar), Dr. Fayyaz Alam (Olives-Tharparkar), Ehsanullah (Wheat-Faisalabad), Mumtaz Munis (Cotton-Punjab), and Arshad Qadri (Olives-Chakwal). All these farmers will be honored with the award soon.

SAWIE, through its mobile application, provides free access, valuable insights, assistance, and guidance for every farmer. Savi’s field expert team is working tirelessly to ensure that necessary information, financial aid, and advisory services are provided to cope with the challenges of climatic changes and to ensure food security for future generations.

On Farmers’ Day, we express sincere gratitude to all hardworking farmer sons and daughters who, under the sun, with your unwavering dedication, and your commitment to feeding the nation, form the foundation of our livelihood. Let’s join hands to embrace technology and science for a brighter and more sustainable future for our agricultural community.
Download the SAWIE mobile application from the Google Play Store or call the SAWIE helpline at 03045072115 for any agricultural information and consultation with agricultural experts.