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Press Release Sustainable Rice System

 Climate Emergency, a system approach to improving soil and water conservation to address the food security challenge in Pakistan The International Symposium “Climate Smart Sustainable Rice- Wheat Production System” was held at the Faculty of Agriculture, Punjab university cooperation with COMSTECH, UPSIGN, SAWIE, SACAN & Dawood Agro. The keynote talks

Chickpeas Seed Selection.

Agriculture Machinery

SAWiE Baithak

Agriculture Technology

How does Pakistan foresee the agriculture future amidst climate issues on world food day 2021?

2021’s World Food Day marks the importance of agricultural production for realizing the true meaning of World Food Day. World Food Day is

Climate Change

Women need to be strong from the inside.

Strong women make a strong nation. And women are made strong by several factors. Women can be empowered through education. Women can be

Welcome to SAWiE

Sawie offers an unbiased & neutral Farm advisory based on the scientific facts, proven good practices and data driven approaches. Our products and services are capable to provide support to smallholder farmers in developing countries to address climate change crisis. Our smart solutions offer crops mapping and variable inputs applications to large farms deploying precision agriculture.

Our Blog Posts

Defying the Odds: SAWiE’s Impact on Farmers Battling in Sheikhupura

The Challenge of Wheat Lodging in Sheikhupura The wheat farmers of Sheikhupura are facing a daunting challenge — wheat lodging. Lodging refers to the bending or breaking of wheat stalks, which adversely affects crop growth and ultimately impacts the livelihoods of farmers and small landholders. When wheat plants lodge, they

Pakistan’s Water Crisis: The Farmer’s Challenge of Struggling Against Water Scarcity

Pakistan is standing at the precipice of a severe water crisis that threatens our nation’s agricultural sector and the livelihoods of millions of farmers. Picture the plight of a farmer, whose once-thriving fields now face the grim reality of water scarcity. Limited access to water resources means decreased crop yields,

Embracing Climate-Smart Agriculture: SAWiE’s Call to Action for a Resilient Pakistan

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, facing the formidable challenges posed by climate change. The consequences of rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and extreme weather events are already being felt, threatening the very foundation of our agricultural sector and food security. The increasing frequency and intensity of these climate-related events serve


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SAWiE Features

Crop Monitoring

Sawie provide crop monitoring and yield estimation data by processing of high resolution satellite images. The entire framework consists of a geo Web portal with spatial data retrieval and analysis functionalities.

Crop Advisory

Sawie is a Farmer's Customized Advisory Tool. Every Farmer gets a dashboard to add and manage farms, crops, get weather updates, news & alerts, real-time satellite data, soil mapping, and more.

Field Management

SAWiE provides farm and field management platform where farmer can add and manage field. Based on real time field data farmer gets alerts and advise

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