The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) organized a workshop “Role of Ginners in Regenerative Cotton Value Chain” together with SAWIE Ecosystems at their head office in Multan.

The SAWIE team presented the concept of Traceable cotton. There is an increasing demand from international textile brands to achieve and net zero in the cotton supply chain. SAWIE is working to promote the Regenerative Agriculture of cotton which will be a win-win for improving soil health and growing food and fiber crops.  With the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA). They focused on the “Role of Ginners in regenerative cotton value chain.”

Mr. Fritz Boehmler, CEO, SAWIE expressed his views on the Sustainability & Traceability of Cotton. Mr Abdul Hanan, head of GIS & Remote sensing gave a demonstration of the SAWIE traceability application SAWIE TRACE@TM Application. Chairman PCGA Ch. Waheed Arshad, Ex-Chairman Haji Muhammad Akram, Sohail Mehmood Harral, and CEC member Mazhar Shoaib Khan took part in the discussions. The workshop attracted participation from research institutes, provincial agriculture departments especially the Punjab Agriculture Department, universities including MNSUA Multan, UAF, representatives from WWF, Cotton Connect, APTMA, KCA, CABI, Organic Cotton Accelerated (OCA) & Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Also, government officials, representatives from private organizations & PCGA members attended the workshop through Zoom link.

Ch. Waheed Arshad, chairman of PCGA appreciated the efforts of the SAWIE digital platform supporting cotton farmers with climate-smart advisory that helped farmers to make informed decisions. Mr Sohail Harral said this is a great opportunity for PCGA to work with the international organization of SAWIE which would benefit the cotton sector of Pakistan.

SAWIE is discussing with its partners to collaborate to promote sustainable agriculture & sustainable cotton with better quality to attract international buyers. SAWIE is working towards a regenerative cotton value chain, SAWIE remains committed to empowering farmers with intelligent & data-driven solutions.

The SAWIE team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the PCGA for this incredible opportunity and are optimistic about the positive impact our solutions have on the cotton & textile sector of Pakistan to help drive exports.