In a landmark collaboration, Sustainable Agriculture & Water Intelligent Ecosystems (SAWIE), Pakistan’s leading climate-smart digital agriculture advisory service, joined forces with the Pakistan Agricultural Scientists (PAS) Forum to host a groundbreaking international dialogue on the pressing challenges faced by wheat production in the country. This online event drew participation from a diverse spectrum, including national and international speakers, researchers, government officials, students, and, most notably, farmers.

The distinguished speakers delved into multifaceted aspects of wheat cultivation, navigating issues like climate change, weed and pest management, fertilizer practices, harvesting techniques, government support prices, and the utilization of biofertilizers. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, a Professor from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, brought a global perspective, shedding light on the use of sorghaab in wheat cultivation. Dr. Abdul Wakeel, Chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Science Forum, shared insights on balancing nutrient doses and improving soil organic matter.

Dr. Aziz Ur Rehman, Chief Scientist at Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Multan, provided a comprehensive overview of the challenges and potential solutions for wheat crops. Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan, Head of Agri-initiatives and Nutrition Management shared valuable experiences working with diverse farmers. Dr. Khalid Mahmood from Rothamsted Research, UK, drew insightful comparisons between wheat production in the UK and Pakistan.

Dr. Anjum Ali Bhuttar, former Minister of Agriculture Extension and Research Wing, discussed current government policies and the support price of wheat. Miss Rikza Awan, General Manager at SAWIE, highlighted the impactful work of the SAWIE team in supporting farmers.

The interactive session wasn’t just a monologue from experts but evolved into a dynamic exchange with farmers actively participating, posing questions, and receiving live answers from the panel of agricultural scientists and experts. This unique engagement enriched the event, providing farmers with direct access to valuable insights and expertise.

In the grand scheme, this dialogue served as a pivotal platform for farmer capacity building and knowledge enhancement, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of wheat cultivation in Pakistan. SAWIE and PAS Forum expressed gratitude to all participants, recognizing their collective efforts in fostering a more resilient and informed agricultural landscape. The success of this event underscores the importance of collaborative initiatives in addressing the complex challenges of modern agriculture.