SAWIE took part in a National workshop & exhibition on “Transformative pathways for water and food system in a climate resilient Pakistan” arranged by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) held 7th-8th December 2023 in Pak-China Friendship Center, Islamabad.

Representatives from PCRWR, IWMI, UNICEF, Islamic Relief, WWF, and other international agencies, academia, and industry provided detailed briefings on their groundbreaking technologies and ongoing research initiatives aimed at addressing water-related challenges.

The primary goals of Pakistan Water Week 2023 were as follows:

  1. Increase public understanding and dissemination of water stewardship information.
  2. Public education and knowledge exchange on revolutionary approaches for agriculture and water sectors in a climate-resilient Pakistan
  3. Raising awareness among policymakers and decision-makers on the importance of water resources for socioeconomic development.

The SAWIE team also set up a stall where they presented SAWIE’s efforts for the farming community towards climate change, water, and food security in Pakistan. Caretaker minister for water resources Ahmad Irfan Aslam along with other participants visited SAWIE’s stall, where the SAWIE team told them how SAWIE Geoinformatics (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), and Information Technology (IT) are working to ensure early warning about floods, droughts, heat, and other climatic conditions.

The participants that the SAWIE field team is serving farmers in the various districts of Pakistan where SAWIE is providing end-to-end solutions to farmers. The participants were also briefed on the SAWIE mobile application that enhances capacity building, crop information, weather information, irrigation advisory, and expert advisory. The SAWIE team is thankful to PCRWR for inviting us to this conference. SAWIE will continue its efforts towards climate change mitigation, water, and food security in Pakistan.