Agriculture Department directs farmers to complete linseed cultivation by October 15

Faisalabad: The Agriculture Department has directed the farmers to start cultivating linseed immediately so that the cultivation is completed on time and a better yield can be achieved. A spokesman for the department said that the cultivation of linseed could be started immediately and completed by October 15. He said that the choice of medium clay loam soil for the cultivation of linseed is of utmost importance.

He said that for the cultivation of Chandni 1988, the approved variety of linseed, the cultivator should plough the soil 2 to 3 times followed by planking so that the soil becomes soft, granular, and well prepared. He said that while cultivating linseed with a drill, the distance between the rows should be up to 30 cm.

He said that bumper crops can be obtained by sowing 6 kg per acre seeds in irrigated areas and 8 kg per acre seeds in rain-fed areas. He said that agronomists or field staff of the agriculture department could also be contacted for further guidance and consultation in this regard.

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