(17 Nov 2021)

A team of SAWiE visited the wheat research institute of AARI, Faisalabad. The team has arranged a SAWiE gup shup for farmers to discuss the reasons for a less average production of wheat and the solution. The guest who graced the occasion was Dr. Makhdoom Hussain Ex-director of the wheat department and Ms. Mehwish Hussain. There were many farmers named Abid Waseem, Mr. Ahmed, Mr. Anjman, Muhammad Khan, Saeed Iqbal, Abdul Ghafoor, Prof Hashim, Mian Tahir, Asad Ali, Muhammad Umer, Fahad, Muhammad Tariq etc. Farmers asked questions related to the topic. The event went live on Facebook

(https://www.facebook.com/111553717980211/videos/236480261885329) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEhMt_rdeDg).

Dr. Makhdoom Hussain Ex-director of the wheat department in Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, AARI emphasizes promoting wheat varieties that are high in zinc content. He said,

“It is the need of hour to promote Zincol and Akbar-19 kind of varieties which are enriched in zinc nutrition and that is efficient for the betterment of the health of mother and child”

Farmers are very much pleased about the services provided by SAWiE, which goes beyond the productivity and quality of their crops and help to uplift their standard of living.

They encourage SAWiE to start such kinds of events in a more competitive manner so that the potential of technology should increase.