On a vibrant day filled with enthusiasm and knowledge-sharing, SAWIE and Bank Alfalah joined to organize a Farmer Field School Day focused on “Climate Smart Agriculture Practices.” Held at the picturesque model farm in Dera Ch. Mukhtar & Ch. Tariq Hussain Lodhra, Layyah (03 Feb 2024), the event saw the participation of farmers, industry experts, and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Practical Learning:

The event emphasized practical demonstrations of climate-smart practices, showcasing their tangible benefits in wheat crops and beyond. From efficient livestock waste management techniques to implementing biogas plants for energy generation using animal manure, attendees witnessed firsthand the power of sustainable farming solutions.

Harnessing Renewable Energy:

Solar integration with tube wells showcased the potential of renewable energy in agriculture, offering sustainable alternatives while reducing carbon footprints. Bed planting methods for crops aimed at conserving water, while zero tillage trials focused on preserving soil health and microbial diversity.

Regenerative Approaches:

Through crop residue incorporation, mulching techniques, and organic pest management strategies, farmers were equipped with regenerative approaches to enhance soil fertility and biodiversity. Biofertilizers further emphasized the importance of organic matter and soil carbon in sustainable farming practices.

Financial Support:

SAWIE and Bank Alfalah underscored their commitment to supporting farmers in adopting climate-smart agriculture practices by offering various financing schemes. By bridging the gap between innovation and implementation, they aim to empower farmers and industries alike in building resilient agricultural ecosystems.

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