JARANWALA: According to the Department of Agriculture, the approved varieties of wheat cultivated by the farmers of irrigated areas of Punjab are Dilkash-21, Subhani-21, MH-21, Akbar-19, Ghazi-19, Bhakkar Star, Anaj 2017, Zincol 2016, Borlaug 2016 and Ujala 2016.

while all southern districts of Punjab cultivate Gold 2016, Johar 2016, Aas 2011, Millat 2011 varieties of wheat and all saline and water-deficient areas of Punjab should cultivate Faisalabad 2008 by 1st to 10th December

Farmers should use 50-55 kg seed per acre from 1st to 10th December, and the seed germination rate should not be less than 85%. Among the various diseases of wheat, loose smut, rust, Wheat Blast, and root rot are more harmful, which cause a loss in production. Before sowing the seeds, apply thiophanate methyl at the rate of 2.5 gm. per kg seed or Imidacloprid + Tebuconazole at the rate of 4 ml per kg seed to prevent these diseases.