MULTAN: Seed cotton (Phutti), equivalent to over 5.2 million bales have reached ginning factories across the country till Oct 15, 2021, registering a whopping 93.73 percent increase compared to the corresponding period last year

According to the fortnightly report of the cotton season 2021-22 released to media on Monday by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), in Punjab, cotton figures stood at 2.26 million bales showing an increase of 86.70 percent, while Sindh province shows a 99.53 percent increase with a contribution of over 2.9 million or 2,942,008 bales.

The report says cotton, equivalent to over 4.596 million, bales has undergone ginning process at factories. Over 4.4 million bales have been sold with a major chunk of it, 4.393 million (4,393,680) bales bought by textile mills and 17000 by exporters. Exactly 800,959 bales were lying unsold at the ginneries.