ISLAMABAD: The department of agriculture, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Tuesday distributed subsidized wheat seeds, fertilizers (DAP, Urea), and micro-nutrients (Biozote) among the farmers of the Federal capital in a ceremony held here at Tarlai.

Speaking on the occasion, director agriculture, Waqar Anwar said the initiative was aimed at facilitating the local farmers under the Prime Minister’s agriculture emergency program ‘Productivity Enhancement of Wheat’. He said this year, wheat inputs of Rs 3 million had been distributed among more than 200 farmers on 50 percent subsidy.

Highlighting the government’s various measures for overcoming the food security challenges in the country, he said farmers should derive maximum benefit from the government’s farmer and agriculture-friendly policies. ICT deputy director (agriculture) Ghufran Shahzad emphasized upon the farmers to sow maximum wheat this year and that this was the right time for sowing crops in the Barani area.

He also orientated the farmers about modern techniques of sowing, how maximum yield can be obtained, and that when fertilizers and water should be used for wheat crops in the Barani area of Islamabad. National Coordinator for wheat Productivity Enhancement Project, while speaking on the occasion, ensured the farmers that the wheat seed being supplied to them is free from maladies and has the potential to give them maximum yield.

He also shared that this year’s per acre yield target set by the government is 35 mounds and that with a little bit of attention farmers can easily achieve the target. He concluded, two things for better crop yield are of utmost importance: quality certified seed and use of weedicides.