SAWIE took part in a consultative discussion forum organized by Agri Support Fund (ASF) to identify challenges and opportunities in Agri value chains from the agri-fintech integration perspective 23rd, May, 2023 at LUMS.

Pakistan’s agriculture is dominated by smallholder farmers who own less than 5 ha (89%). Typically smallholder farmers harvest 50% less compared to large farmers. They have several issues that hinder them to achieve higher productivity and increase their income. The pressing challenge lack of access to quality seed, fertilizer, inputs, access to affordable finance, lack of access of mechanization, processing machinery for packing, grading and storage, and reliable supply chains willing to pay better prices for their produce.

SAWIE is helping farmers to overcome this challenge through its climate-smart agricultural clusters. Each cluster has a dedicated team of agronomists who are helping farmers from the seed to the seed stage. We are helping farmers with soil testing, improving soil health, and developing a sustainable crop rotation. We are working in the villages where farmers are being linked with the inputs suppliers, financial institutions and supply chains. Sundas Abass said SAWIE is keen to explore a market mechanism where farmers could be rewarded with a premium for their good quality produce.