Pakistan is standing at the precipice of a severe water crisis that threatens our nation’s agricultural sector and the livelihoods of millions of farmers. Picture the plight of a farmer, whose once-thriving fields now face the grim reality of water scarcity. Limited access to water resources means decreased crop yields,Continue Reading

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, facing the formidable challenges posed by climate change. The consequences of rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and extreme weather events are already being felt, threatening the very foundation of our agricultural sector and food security. The increasing frequency and intensity of these climate-related events serveContinue Reading

Under the supervision of Sawie, a Baithak was held on Saturday, 15th April 2023, 11-12AM, the topic was,” the selections of paddy varieties in the view of climate change and how their timing of cultivation can increase yield”. Guests: Engineer Mushtaq Ahmed Gul (CEO Sawie), Dr. Abul Fasal (Progressive Farmer),Continue Reading

The Better Cotton Initiative is a comprehensive approach to sustainable cotton production that covers all three pillars of sustainability: the environment, the society and the economy. BCI practice-based Principles and Criteria form the global definition of Better Cotton. These principles and criteria provide rules and guidance to farmers participating onContinue Reading

Thrips: Thrips tabaci Usually found on leaves Characteristics found in adults small slender yellowish – brown with fringed wings Effects: Thrips lacerate the tissues on the undersurface of leaves and suck the sap. As a result, they cause the shriveling of leaves which then become crumbled or wrinkled. When infestationContinue Reading

  This year Pakistan earns 15.2 billion dollars in foreign exchange from the cotton crop Pakistan is the 2nd largest supplier of the sustainable cotton crop. This year’s average yield in Punjab was 20.2 mounds per acre. Integrated pest management (IPM) strategy program is launched to control pests’ attacks onContinue Reading

Dominantly rice is cultivated in 11 districts of Punjab Rice should be grown according to the moon soon ranis pattern Puddling of rice field is the best way to conserve water Rice crops should be cultivated on proper rice belts Always select a properly packed, labeled, tagged, certified seed forContinue Reading

  Use of balance fertilizer is must to protect crop from lodging Proper nutrition is necessary for optimum growth The use of balanced fertilizer must protect the crop from lodging. Proper nutrition is necessary for optimum growth. Plants require 17 necessary elements for their survival. Potash helps plants. To strengthenContinue Reading